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About PhotoExperiences

Photography Course & Tuition Price: 25 per hour.

All fees are payable at the time of booking, if you should have to postpone for any reason or the unpredictable UK weather lets us down the fees may be applied to a postponed date.

landscape photography training course bucks.

View from Buttermere Fells, Cumbria.

Adobe Photoshop

Photographs are being munipulated in ways undreamt of years ago; Stalin would have been overjoyed with Photoshop and other software to eliminate his enemies from photographs; these days celebrities can have various parts of their anatomies enlarged or shrunk at will without ever leaving the comfort of their homes a one to one course with Photo Experiences will teach you some of the processes within Photoshop so that you can enhance your own images; you may not wish to alter the figure of your loved one photographically speaking but you may wish to correct & enhance colours, optimise exposure and remove distracting elements in your pictures; we can help you with these processes and much much more.