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Mobile Phone Photography
When you are out walking and don't want to carry your camera gear with you don't forget that your humble mobile or smart phone can make a very effective photograph taking instrument.

Modern day smart phones in the right hands used well can capture images that are capable of being printed to A3 in size.

The secret is not to be too ambitious in the type of image you try to capture; if you want to create good pictures with your phone you really need plenty of good light.

One of the major pitfalls to good photography is camera shake which applies to any camera; try to avoid the very common "smelly nappy" method of holding your phone; this is about the worst way to hold your phone and almost guarantees camera shake.

When holding your phone in both hands support both elbows on your body; if you can use external support like furniture, a fence, railing or perhaps tree branch to ensure your pictures are sharp; with sharpness comes detail and resolution.

Your phone is a valid picture taking instrument; is something that you have with you all the time, it is easily portable and light in weight.

Treat it seriously and it will repay you with wonderful pictures that you will be proud to show to your friends and family.

The following six images were all captured by me using my mobile phone.

portrait landscape
image taken with mobile phone

macro and close up ramsons or wild garlic

Ramsons or Wild Garlic.

mobile phone landscape

landscape with mobile phone

macro and close up butterfly

Male Orange Tip Butterfly on Garlic Mustard.


Sport Photography can be one of the more exciting and exacting genre of photography.

Creative Landscape

Borrowdale Landscape in the Lake District after a Twirl process.

A Walk near Home..

Lesson: always take your camers with you.

Monthly Competition Gold Award Winner.

Every month I actively take part in the Societies of Photograhers' Monthly Competion; this is an international competition set at a very high standard; I am pleased and delighted that this image won a Gold Award in the March 2020 competition in the "Open Avant Garde" category; entering competitions and applying for distinctions keeps me right at the top of my profession better able to advise you my student.

This example from "Twirl Photography".

I would like to share with you some of the news emanating from the current Coronavirus pandemic.
Can anybody else hear our planet heave a huge sigh of relief as emissions by us are decreasing?

I am as always pleased to bring you the latest news: "Sex workers left penniless and pushed into homelessness due to coronavirus" I hesitate to comment except that the great lie " We are all in this together" seems this time to be largely true.

More news: Some couples are even risking punishment in order to see each other: an Italian couple were recently caught mid-copulation in a car despite being forbidden to leave the house except for essential reasons. Presumably the couple thought such was essential

I am pleased to report the latest news; those who believe that there will be more babies born at the end of this year will be interested to learn that their views may be be vindicated: "Coronavirus: Looming condom shortage crisis as factories forced to close" Currently there is no comment from the UK government.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon was asked if she expected a rise in the number of pregnancies as a consequence of people being ordered not to leave their homes. She swiftly passed the question to Dr Calderwood, who is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist. Ms Sturgeon said afterwards: "It falls into the category of the many things I never thought I would be standing here as first minister advising the public on"... I am sure!

One wonders whether "Clap for the Carers" as a headline was appropriately thought out?

I am pleased to bring you the latest important news: people all over the world are finding ways to amuse themselves: Sex Toy manufacturer "Womanizer" have reported a 31% sales increase Jan-March 6th 2020 in Australia; higher rates in Hong Kong at +71% and Canada an increase of 135%.

As Italy quarantines over coronavirus, swans appear in Venice canals, dolphins swim up playfully

Business class passengers complain about coronavirus measures; the hot towel service has been suspended; it is a hard life for some.

Men all over the world are in mourning; due to the Coronavirus outbreak it is reported that Playboy Magazine has now stopped printing.

Couple caught having sex in a car in Milan are arrested for breaching coronavirus lockdown

Having an interest in history and a bit more time I have been researching past epidemics and I found this snippet from the Bubonic Plague:

People thought that the Black Death was some kind of divine punishment so to win God's forgiveness some upper class men underwent flagellation by publicly beating themselves and one another with heavy leather straps studded with sharp pieces of metal whilst people looked on.

For 33.5 days they would repeat this process three times a day ans then move on to another town.

The Pope at the time got cross as he felt that the flagellants were somehow usurping his authority; as a result the movement disintegrated; I suspect people would have soon got fed up with or without the Pope's blessing.

I somehow suspect the PM won't be suggesting flagellation as a panacea for our virus.

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve visit
On the 16th March 2020 due to the COVID-19 storm the roads were exceptionally quiet: quieter than a school holiday day at a time when they are normally very busy. I am delighted that the reserve will stay open as it will be a lifeline to those whose social lives will be extinguished by government advice in order to slow the infection rate and give the NHS a chance.

In these uncertain times it is somehow comforting that nature is all around us.

Reed Bunting.

Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Reed Bunting.

Great Tit.

Blue Tit.

Great Spotted Woodpecker.


Maple Lodge Nature Reserve visit.

The day 11.03.20 started calm, then a wind sprung up to cool things down though in the sun out of the wind it became quite warm, very few insects around ; a female Goldeneye was reported seen from the Shell Hide



Reed Bunting.

Doh .... !

Note to self: when teaching and something doesn't work to plan do check that the correct keyboard is in use.

Teaching Lightroom to a regular student this morning an application refused to work; it turned out that the keyboard wasn't connected to the Laptop on which Lightroom was installed .... Doh ...!!

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve visit.

These pictures of a male Mute Swan and Female Chaffinch at a quiet day on the reserve 09/03/20.

Female Chaffinch.

Mute Swan.

Crufts 2020.

Crufts is a wonderful annual celebration of the love between people and their dogs; in my view there are no winners and losers just participants; Crufts is a wonderful place for the observant documentary photographer where in the main people don't mind their pictures being taken with their animals particularly if you engage them in conversation and are interested in them and their dogs

Thank you to the young lady who didn't mind me taking her picture with her favourite pet.